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Berry, E.M., Growdon, J.H., Wurtman, J.J., Caballero, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
A balanced carbohydrate: Protein diet in the management of Parkinson's disease.
Neurology, 41:1295-1297, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 816, PK: 197, Admin
Brzezinski, A.A., Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Gleason, R., Greenfield, J., and Nader, T.
D-Fenfluramine suppresses the increased calorie and carbohydrate intakes and improves the mood of women with premenstrual depression.
Obstet. & Gynecol., 76(2):296-391, 1990.
[PDF] , PID: 795, PK: 193, Admin
Caballero, B., Finer, N., and Wurtman, R.J.
Plasma amino acid levels in obesity: Effects of insulin resistance.
Amino Acids in Health and Diseases: New Perspectives (S. Kaufman, ed.) Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, pp.369-382, 1987.
[PDF] , PID: 705, PK: 27, Admin
Caballero, B., Finer, N., and Wurtman, R.J.
Plasma amino acids and insulin levels in obesity: Response to carbohydrate intake and tryptophan supplements.
Metabolism, 37(7):672-676, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 758, PK: 28, Admin
Caballero, B., Gleason, R.E., and Wurtman, R.J.
Plasma amino acid concentrations in healthy elderly men and women.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 53:1249-1252, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 814, PK: 29, Admin
Caballero, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Differential effects of insulin resistance on leucine and glucose kinetics in obesity.
Metabolism, 40(1):51-58, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 817, PK: 198, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Conant, J.A., deBros, F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Caffeine alters plasma adenosine levels.
Nature, 389:136, 1997.
[PDF] , PID: 921, PK: 209, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Evoniuk, G., and Wurtman, R.J.
Endogenous adenosine and hemorrhagic shock: Effects of caffeine administration or caffeine withdrawal.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 85:4483-4485, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 742, PK: 188, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Wurtman, R.J., Blusztajn, J.K., Lopez G.-Coviella, I., Maher, T.J., and Evoniuk, G.E.
Decreased plasma choline concentrations in marathon runners.
New Eng. J. Med., 315:892, 1986.
[PDF] , PID: 690, PK: 92, Admin
Dollins, A.B., Lynch, H.J., Wurtman, R.J., Deng, M.H., and Lieberman, H.R.
Effects of illumination on human nocturnal serum melatonin levels and performance.
Physiol. & Beh., 53:153-160, 1993.
[PDF] , PID: 849, PK: 201, Admin
Dollins, A.B., Zhdanova, I.V., Wurtman, R.J., Lynch, H.J., and Deng, M.H.
Effect of inducing nocturnal serum melatonin concentrations in daytime on sleep, mood, body temperature, and performance.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 91:1824-1828, 1994.
[PDF] , PID: 870, PK: 202, Admin
Evoniuk, G., Jacobson, K.A., Shamim, M.T., Daly, J.W., and Wurtman, R.J.
A1 and A2-selective adenosine antagonists: In Vivo characterization of cardiovascular effects.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 242(3):882-887, 1987.
[PDF] , PID: 714, PK: 187, Admin
Evoniuk, G.E., von Borstel, R.W., and Wurtman, R.J.
Adenosine affects sympathetic neurotransmission at multiple sites in vivo.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 236(2):350-355, 1986.
[PDF] , PID: 640, PK: 183, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., Wurtman, R.J., Hammarstrom-Wiklund, Rand, W.M., Munro, H.N., Davidson, C.S.
Diurnal variations in plasma neutral amino acid concentrations among patients with cirrhosis: Effect of dietary protein.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 32:1923-1933, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 392, PK: 20, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., Wurtman, R.J., Hammarstrom-Wiklund, Rand, W.M., Munro, H.N., and Davidson, C.S.
Diurnal variations in plasma concentrations of tryptophan, tyrosine, and other neutral amino acids: Effect of dietary protein intake.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 32:1912-1922, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 390, PK: 164, Admin
Gelenberg, A.J., Wojcik, J.D., Growdon, J.H., Sved, A.F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine for the treatment of depression.
Am. J. Psychiatry, 137(5):622-623, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 456, PK: 168, Admin
Glaeser, B.S., Maher, T.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Changes in brain levels of acidic, basic, and neutral amino acids after consumption of single meals containing proportions of protein.
J. Neurochem., 41(4):1016-1021, 1983.
[PDF] , PID: 554, PK: 175, Admin
Growdon, J.H., Gelenberg, A.J., Doller, J., Hirsch, M.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Lecithin can suppress tardive dyskinesia.
New Eng. J. Med., 298:1029-1030, 1978.
[PDF] , PID: 393, PK: 73, Admin
Growdon, J.H., Melamed, E., Logue, M., Hefti, F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of oral L-tyrosine administration on CSF tyrosine and homovanillic acid levels in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Life Sci., 30:827-832, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 524, PK: 171, Admin
Growdon, J.H., Nader, T.M., Schoenfeld, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
L-threonine in the treatment of spasticity.
Clin. Neuropharm., 14(5):403-412, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 796, PK: 194, Admin
Growdon, J.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Oral choline administration to patients with Huntington's disease.
In: Advances in Neurology, A. Barbeau, N. Wexler, and T.N. Chase, eds.) Raven Press, New York, Vol. 23:765-776, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 418, PK: 76, Admin
Heraief, E., Burckhardt, P., Wurtman, J.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tryptophan administration may enhance weight loss by some moderately obese patients on a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) diet.
Int. J. Eating Disorders, 4:281-292, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 589, PK: 180, Admin
Kaakkola, S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of COMT inhibitors on striatal dopamine metabolism: A microdialysis study.
Brain Res., 597:241-249, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 842, PK: 200, Admin
Lieberman, H.R., Corkin, S., Spring, B.J., Wurtman, R.J., and Growdon, J.H.
The effects of dietary neurotransmitter precursors on human behavior.
Am. J. Clin. Nutri., 42:366-370, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 623, PK: 182, Admin
Lieberman, H.R., Waldhauser, F., Garfield, G., Lynch, H.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of melatonin on human mood and performance.
Brain Res., 323:201-207, 1984.
[PDF] , PID: 598, PK: 177, Admin
Lieberman, H.R., Wurtman, R.J., Emde, G.G., and Coviella, I.L.G.
The effects of caffeine and aspirin onmood and performance.
J. Clin. Psychopharm., 75(5):315-320, 1987.
[PDF] , PID: 611, PK: 185, Admin
Lynch, H.J., Wurtman, R.J., Moskowitz, M.A., Archer, M.C., and Ho, M.H.
Daily rhythm in human urinary melatonin.
Science, 187:169-171, 1975.
[PDF] , PID: 277, PK: 161, Admin
Maher, T.J., Glaeser, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Diurnal variations in plasma concentrations of basic and neutral amino acids and in red cell concentrations of aspartate and glutamate: effects of dietary protein intake.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 39:722-729, 1984.
[PDF] , PID: 591, PK: 179, Admin
Maher, T.J., Ulus, I.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Phentermine and other monoamine-oxidase inhibitors may increase plasma serotonin when given with fenfluramines.
The Lancet, 353(9146):38, 1999.
[PDF] , PID: 965, PK: 213, Admin
Martin-Du-Pan, R., Mauron, C., Glaeser, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of various oral glucose doses on plasma neutral amino acid levels.
Metabolism, 31(9):937-943, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 532, PK: 24, Admin
McCall, A.L., Millington, W.R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Blood-brain barrier transport of caffeine: Dose-related restriction of adenine transport.
Life Sci., 31:2079-2715, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 506, PK: 170, Admin
McCall, A.L., Millington, W.R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Metabolic fuel and amino acid transport into the brain in experimental diabetes mellitus.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 79:5406-5410, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 547, PK: 173, Admin
Nitsch, R.M., Blusztajn, J.K., Pittas, A.G., Slack, B.E., Growdon, J.H., Wurtman, R.J.
Evidence for a membrane defect in Alzheimer disease brain.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 89:1671-1675, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 837, PK: 38, Admin
Sayegh, R., Schiff, I., Wurtman, J., Spiers, P., McDermott, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
The effect of a carbohydrate-rich beverage on mood, appetite, and cognitive function in women with premenstrual syndrome.
Obstet. Gynecol., 86(4):520-528, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 909, PK: 305, Admin
Scheltens, P., Kamphuis, P.J.G.H., Verhey, F.R.J., olde Rikkert, M.G.M., Wurtman, R.J., Wilkinson, D., Twisk J.W.R., Kurz, A.
Efficacy of a medical food in mild Alzheimer's disease: a randomized controlled trial.
Alzheimer's and Dementia, 6:1-10, 2010.
[PDF] , PID: 1041, PK: 399, Admin
Spedding, M., Ouvry, C., Millan, M., Duhault, J., Dacquet, C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Neural control of dieting.
Nature, 380:488, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 930, PK: 208, Admin
Spiers, P.A., Myers, D., Hochanadel, G.S., Lieberman, H.R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Citicoline improves verbal memory in aging.
Arch. Neurol., 53:441-448, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 879, PK: 119, Admin
Spindel, E.R., Wurtman, R.J., McCall, A., Carr, D.B., Conlay, L., Griffith, L., and Arnold, M.A.
Neuroendocrine effects of caffeine in normal subjects.
Clin. Pharm. Therap., 36(3):402-407, 1984.
[not available] , PID: 578, PK: 176, Admin
Spindel, E.R., Wurtman, R.J., and Bird, E.D.
Increased TRH content of the basal ganglia in Huntington's disease.
New Eng. J. Med., 303:1235-1236, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 471, PK: 169, Admin
Spring, B., Wurtman, J., Gleason, R., Kessler, K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Weight gain and withdrawal symptoms after smoking cessation: A preventive intervention using d-fenfluramine.
Health Psychol., 10(3):216-223, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 797, PK: 195, Admin
Spring, B., Wurtman, J., Wurtman, R., El-Khoury, A., Goldberg, McDermott, J., and Pingitore, R.
Efficacies of dexfenfluramine and fluoxetine in preventing weight gain after smoking cessation.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 62:1181-1187, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 912, PK: 205, Admin
Teather, L.A., Magnusson, J.E., Chow, C.M., and Wurtman, R.J.
Environmental conditions influence hippocampal-dependent behaviors and brain levels of amyloid precursor protein.
Eur. J. Neurosci., 16:2405-2415, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 991, PK: 55, Admin
Ulus, I.H., Maher, T.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Characterization of phentermine and related compounds as monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors.
Biochem. Pharm., 59:1611-1621, 2000.
[PDF] , PID: 967, PK: 214, Admin
Von Borstel, R.W., Renshaw, A.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Adenosine strongly potentiates pressor responses to nicotine in rats.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 81:5599-5603, 1984.
[PDF] , PID: 613, PK: 178, Admin
Von Borstel, R.W., Wurtman, R.J., and Conlay, L.A.
Chronic caffeine consumption potentiates the hypotensive action of circulating adenosine.
Life Sci., 32:1151-1158, 1983.
[PDF] , PID: 548, PK: 174, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., Brzezinski, A., Wurtman, R.J., and Laferrere, B.
Effect of nutrient intake on premenstrual depression.
Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol., 161(5):1228-1234, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 780, PK: 191, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., McDermott, J.M., LEvendusky, P., Duca, K., and Wurtman, R.J.
The effect of a novel dietary intervention on weight loss in psychotropic drug-induced obesity.
Psychopharm. Bull., 36(3):55-59, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 979, PK: 220, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Mark, S., Tsay, R., Gilbert, W., Growdon, J.
D-fenfluramine selectively suppresses carbohydrate snacking by obese subjects.
Int. J. Eating Disorders, 4(1):89-99, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 592, PK: 181, Admin
Wurtman, R. J.
Personalized medicine strategies for managing patients with Parkinsonism and cognitive deficits.
Metabolism Clinical and Experimental, 62:S27-S29, 2013.
[PDF] , PID: 1047, PK: 1128, Admin
Wurtman, R.J,, Wurtman, J.J.
Depression can beget obesity can beget depression.
J. of Clin Psychiatry, 76:12:e1619-e1621, 2015.
[PDF] , PID: 1061, PK: 1137, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Pineal organ.
In: Pediatrics. (A.M. Rudolph, ed.) Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, pp.1693-1694, 1977.
[PDF] , PID: 356, PK: 162, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Genes, stress, and depression.
Metabolism, 54(1):16-19, 2005.
[PDF] , PID: 1005, PK: 219, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Narcolepsy and the hypocretins.
Metabolism:Clinical and Expermental, 55(Suppl 2):S36-S39, 2006.
[PDF] , PID: 1011, PK: 221, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Fibromyalgia and the complex regional pain syndrome: Similarities in pathophysiology and treatment.
Metabolism Clinical and Experimental, 59(Suppl 1):S37-S40, 2010.
[PDF] , PID: 1043, PK: 401, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Caballero, B., and Salzman, E.
Facilitation of levodopa-induced dyskinesias by dietary carbohydrates.
New Eng. J. Med., 319:1288-1289, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 776, PK: 190, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Regan, M., Ulus, I., and Yu, L.
Effect of oral CDP-choline on plasma choline and uridine levels in humans.
Biochem. Pharm., 60:989-992, 2000.
[PDF] , PID: 972, PK: 126, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Wurtman, J.J., Regan, M.M., McDermott, J.M., Tsay, R.H., and Breu, J.J.
Effects of normal meals rich in carbohydrates or proteins on the plasma tryptophan ratio.
Am. J. Clin. Nutrition, 77:128-132, 2003.
[not available] , PID: 1111, PK: 33, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Wurtman, J.J., Regan, M.M., McDermott, J.M., Tsay, R.H., and Breu, J.J.
Effects of normal meals rich in carbohydrates or proteins on the plasma tryptophan ratio.
Am. J. Clin. Nutrition, 77:128-132, 2003.
[PDF] , PID: 993, PK: 132, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Fernstrom, M.D.
Control of brain monoamine synthesis by diet and plasma amino acids.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 28:638-647, 1975.
[PDF] , PID: 259, PK: 160, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Wurtman, J.J.
Carbohydrates and depression.
Sci. Am., 260(1):68-75, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 649, PK: 192, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Zervas, N.T.
Monoamine neurotransmitters and the pathophysiology of stroke and central nervous system trauma.
J. Neurosurgery, 40(1):34-36, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 243, PK: 158, Admin
Zacharias, L., Wurtman, R.J., and Schatzoff, M.
Sexual maturation in contemporary American girls.
Amer. J. Obstet. Gynecol., 108(5):833-846, 1970.
[PDF] , PID: 123, PK: 157, Admin
Zacharias, L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Blindness: Its relation to age of menarche.
Science, 144(3622):1154-1155, 1964.
[PDF] , PID: 27, PK: 154, Admin
Zacharias, L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Age at menarche: Genetic and environmental influences.
New Eng. J. Med., 280:868-875, 1969.
[PDF] , PID: 97, PK: 155, Admin
Zacharias, L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Blindness and menarche.
Obstet. Gynecol., 33(5):603-608, 1969.
[PDF] , PID: 114, PK: 156, Admin
Zeisel, S.H., Epstein, M.F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Elevated choline concentration in neonatal plasma.
Life Sci., 26:1827-1831, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 448, PK: 77, Admin
Zervas, N.T., Hori, H., Negora, M., Wurtman, R.J., Larin, F., and Lavyne, M.H.
Reduction in brain dopamine following experimental cerebral ischemia.
Nature, 247(5439):283-284, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 244, PK: 159, Admin
Zhdanova, I., Wurtman, R.J., Balcioglu, A., Kartashov, A.I., and Lynch, H.J.
Edogenous melatonin levels and the fate of exogenous melatonin: Age effects.
J. Gerontology, 53A(4):B293-B298, 1998.
[PDF] , PID: 954, PK: 211, Admin
Zhdanova, I.V., Wurtman, R.J., Lynch, H.J., Ives, J.R., Dollins, A.B., Morabito, C., Matheson, J.K., and Schomer, D.L.
Sleep-inducing effects of low doses of melatonin ingested in the evening.
Clin. Pharm. Therap., 57(5):552-558, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 891, PK: 203, Admin
Zhdanova, I.V., Wurtman, R.J., Morabito, C., Piotrovska, V.R., and Lynch, H.J.
Effects of low oral doses of melatonin, given 2-4 hours before habitual bedtime, on sleep in normal young humans.
Sleep, 19(5):423-431, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 906, PK: 207, Admin
Zhdanova, I.V., Wurtman, R.J., Regan, M.M., Taylor, J.A., Shi, J.P., and LeClair, O.U.
Melatonin treatment for age-related insomnia.
J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab., 86(10):4727-4730, 2001.
[PDF] , PID: 975, PK: 216, Admin
Zhdanova, I.V., Wurtman, R.J., and Wagstaff, J.
Effects of a low dose of melatonin on sleep in children with Angelman syndrome.
J. Ped. Endocrin. Metab., 12:57-67, 1999.
[PDF] , PID: 940, PK: 212, Admin
Zhdanova, I.V., and Wurtman, R.J.
Efficacy of melatonin as a sleep-promoting agent.
J. Biol. Rhythms, 12(6):644-650, 1997.
[PDF] , PID: 950, PK: 210, Admin