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Selected publications on choline/acetylcholine/phosphatides/fatty acids

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Araki, W., and Wurtman, R.J.
Control of membrane phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis by diacylglycerol levels in neuronal cells undergoing neurite outgrowth.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 94:11946-11950, 1997.
[PDF] , PID: 943, PK: 122, Admin
Babb, S.M., Appelmans, K.E., Renshaw, P.F., Wurtman, R.J., Cohen, B.M.
Differential effect of CDP-choline on brain cystolic choline levels in younger and older subjects as measured by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Psychopharmacology, 127:88-94, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 913, PK: 121, Admin
Blusztajn, J.K., Growdon, J.H., Lee, H.-C., Liscovitch, M., Logue, M., Lopez, G.-Coviella, I., Mauron, C., Richardson, U.I., Ulus, I., and Wurtman, R.J.
Abnormal phospholipid turnover and pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease.
Bulletin of Clin. Neurosci., 55:91-98, 1990.
[not available] , PID: 808, PK: 103, Admin
Blusztajn, J.K., Zeisel, S.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Synthesis of lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) from phosphatidyl-ethanolamine in bovine brain.
Brain Res., 179:319-327, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 416, PK: 75, Admin
Blusztajn, J.K., Zeisel, S.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Developmental changes in the activity of phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferases in rat brain.
Biochem. J., 232:505-511, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 485, PK: 85, Admin
Blusztajn, J.K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Choline biosynthesis by a preparation enriched in synaptosomes from rat brain.
Nature, 290(5085):417-418, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 500, PK: 80, Admin
Blusztajn, J.K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Choline and cholinergic neurons.
Science, 221:614-620, 1983.
[PDF] , PID: 561, PK: 84, Admin
Buyukuysal, R.L., Holmes, T.C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Interactions of 3,4-diaminopyridine and choline in stimulating acetylcholine release and protecting membrane phospholipids.
Brain Res., 541:1-6, 1991.
[not available] , PID: 800, PK: 104, Admin
Buyukuysal, R.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
4-aminopyridine increases acetylcholine release without diminishing membrane phosphatidylcholine.
J. Neurochem., 54(4):1302-1309, 1990.
[not available] , PID: 774, PK: 102, Admin
Cansev M., Marzloff, G., Sakamoto, T., Ulus, I.H., Wurtman, R.J.
Giving uridine plus docosahexaenoic acid supplementation orally to rat dams during gestation and nursing increases synaptic elements in brains of weanling pups.
Developmental Neuroscience, 31:181-192, 2009.
[PDF] , PID: 1037, PK: 151, Admin
Cansev, M., Orhan, F., Yaylagul, E.O., Isik, E., Turkyilmaz, M., Aydin, S., Gumus, A., Sevinc, C., Coskun, N., Ulus, I.H.
Evidence for the existence of pyrimidinergic transmission in rat brain.
Neuropharmacology, 91:77-86, 2015.
[PDF] , PID: 1057, PK: 1135, Admin
Cansev, M., Watkins, C.J., van der Beek, E.M., Wurtman, R.J.
Oral Uridine-5'-monophosphate (UMP) increases brain CDP-choline levels in gerbils.
Brain Research, 1058:101-108, 2005.
[PDF] , PID: 1012, PK: 137, Admin
Cansev, M., Wurtman, R.J.
Chronic administration of docosahexaenoic acid or eicosapentaenoic acid, but not arachidonic acid, alone or in combination with uridine increases brain phosphatide and synaptic proteins levels in gerbils.
Neuroscience, 148:421-431, 2007.
[PDF] , PID: 1022, PK: 144, Admin
Cohen, B.C., Renshaw, P.F., Stoll, A.L., Wurtman, R.M., Yurgelun-Todd, D., Babb, S.M.
Decreased brain choline uptake in older adults. An in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study.
JAMA, 274(11):902-907, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 885, PK: 120, Admin
Cohen, E., and Wurtman, R.J.
Brain acetylcholine: Control by dietary choline.
Science, 191:561-562, 1976.
[PDF] , PID: 307, PK: 69, Admin
Cohen, E.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Brain acetylcholine: Increase after systemic choline administration.
Life Sci., 16:1095-1102, 1975.
[PDF] , PID: 288, PK: 68, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Wurtman, R.J., Blusztajn, J.K., Lopez G.-Coviella, I., Maher, T.J., and Evoniuk, G.E.
Decreased plasma choline concentrations in marathon runners.
New Eng. J. Med., 315:892, 1986.
[PDF] , PID: 690, PK: 92, Admin
Farber, S.A., Kischka, U., Marshall, D.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Potentiation by choline of basal and electrically evoked acetylcholine release, as studied using a novel device which both stimulates and perfuses rat corpus striatum.
Brain Res., 607:177-184, 1993.
[PDF] , PID: 859, PK: 112, Admin
Farber, S.A., Savci, V., Wei, A., Slack, B.E., Wurtman, R.J.
Choline's phosphorylation in rat striatal slices is regulated by the activity of cholinergic neurons.
Brain Res., 723:90-99, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 871, PK: 118, Admin
Growdon, J.H., Cohen, E.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of oral choline administration on serum and CSF choline levels in patients with Huntington's Disease.
J. Neurochem., 28:229-231, 1977.
[PDF] , PID: 326, PK: 71, Admin
Growdon, J.H., Gelenberg, A.J., Doller, J., Hirsch, M.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Lecithin can suppress tardive dyskinesia.
New Eng. J. Med., 298:1029-1030, 1978.
[PDF] , PID: 393, PK: 73, Admin
Growdon, J.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Oral choline administration to patients with Huntington's disease.
In: Advances in Neurology, A. Barbeau, N. Wexler, and T.N. Chase, eds.) Raven Press, New York, Vol. 23:765-776, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 418, PK: 76, Admin
Hartmann, T., van Wijk, N., Wurtman, R.J., Olde Rikkert, M.G.M., Sijben, J.W.C., Soininen, H., Vellas, B., Scheltens, P.
A nutritional approach to ameliorate altered phospholipid metabolism in Alzheimer's disease.
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 41:715-717, 2014.
[PDF] , PID: 1055, PK: 1136, Admin
Holbrook, P.G., and Wurtman, R.J.
Presence of base-exchange activity in rat brain nerve endings: Dependence on soluble substrate concentrations and effect of cations.
J. Neurochem., 50:156-162, 1988.
[not available] , PID: 677, PK: 98, Admin
Holguin, S., Huang, Y., Liu, J., Wurtman, R.
Chronic administration of DHA and UMP improves the impaired memory of environmentally impoverished rats.
Behavioural Brain Research, 191:11-16, 2008.
[PDF] , PID: 1039, PK: 148, Admin
Holguin, S., Martinez, J., Chow, C., Wurtman, R.
Dietary uridine enhances the improvement in learning and memory produced by administering DHA plus choline to gerbils.
FASEB, 22:3938-3946, 2008.
[PDF] , PID: 1038, PK: 147, Admin
Jackson, D.A., Kischka, U., and Wurtman, R.J.
Choline enhances scopolamine-induced acetylcholine release in dorsal hippocampus of conscious, freely-moving rats.
Life Sci., 56(1):45-49, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 851, PK: 114, Admin
Johnson, D.A., Ulus, I.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Caffeine potentiates the enhancement by choline of striatal acetylcholine release.
Life Sci., 51:1597-1601, 1992.
[not available] , PID: 844, PK: 109, Admin
Lakher, M., and Wurtman, R.J.
In vivo synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in rat brain via the phospholipid methylation pathway.
Brain Res., 419:131-140, 1987.
[not available] , PID: 701, PK: 94, Admin
Lakher, M.B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Molecular composition of the phosphatidylcholines produced by the phospholipid methylation pathway in rat brain in vivo.
Biochem. J., 244:325-330, 1987.
[not available] , PID: 702, PK: 95, Admin
Li, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Nerve growth factor stimulates diacylglycerol de novo synthesis and phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis in pheochromocytoma cells.
Brain Res., 803:44-53, 1998.
[PDF] , PID: 956, PK: 123, Admin
Li, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Mechanisms whereby nerve growth factor increases diacylglycerol levels in differentiating PC12 cells.
Brain Res., 818:252-259, 1999.
[PDF] , PID: 944, PK: 124, Admin
Li, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Heterogeneous long chain Acyl-CoA synthetases control distribution of individual fatty acids in newly-formed glycerolipids of neuronal cells undergoing neurite outgrowth.
Neurochem. Res., 24(6):739-750, 1999.
[PDF] , PID: 962, PK: 125, Admin
Liscovitch, M., Blusztajn, J.K., Freese, A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Stimulation of choline release from NG108-15 cells by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate.
Biochem. J., 241:81-86, 1987.
[PDF] , PID: 692, PK: 93, Admin
Liscovitch, M., Freese, A., Blusztajn, J.K., and Wurtman, R.J.
High-performance liquid chromatography of water-soluble choline metabolites.
Analyt. Biochem., 151:182-187, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 625, PK: 87, Admin
Liscovitch, M., Freese, A., Blusztajn, J.K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis in the neuroblastoma-glioma hybrid cell line NG108-15: Stimulation by phorbol esters.
J. Neurochem., 47(6):1936-1941, 1986.
[not available] , PID: 689, PK: 91, Admin
Liscovitch, M., Slack, B., Blusztajn, J.K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Differential regulation of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate and diacylglycerol in NG108-15 neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid cells.
J. Biol. Chem., 262(36):17487-17491, 1987.
[PDF] , PID: 735, PK: 97, Admin
Lopez G.-C., I., Agut, J., Von Borstel, R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Metabolism of cytidine (5')-diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) following oral and intravenous administration to the human and the rat.
Neurochem. Int., 11(3):293-297, 1987.
[not available] , PID: 722, PK: 96, Admin
Lopez G.-C., I., Agut, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of cytidine(5')diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) on the total urinary excretion of 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG) by rats and humans.
J. Neural Trans., 66:129-134, 1986.
[not available] , PID: 678, PK: 90, Admin
Lopez G.-Coviella, I., Agut, J., Savci, V., Ortiz, J.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Evidence that 5'-Cytidinediphosphocholine can affect brain phospholipid composition by increasing choline and cytidine plasma levels.
J. Neurochem., 65(2):889-894, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 887, PK: 117, Admin
Lopez, G.-Coviella, I., Agut, J., Ortiz, J.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of orally administered cytidine 5'diphosphate choline on brain phospholipid content.
J. Nutr. Biochem., 3:313-315, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 827, PK: 107, Admin
Lopez, G.-Coviella, I., and Wurtman, R.J.
Enhancement by cytidine of membrane phospholipid synthesis.
J. Neurochem., 59(1):338-343, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 798, PK: 106, Admin
Magil, S.G., Zeisel, S.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of ingesting soy or egg lecithins on serum choline, brain choline and brain acetylcholine.
J. Nutrition, 111(1):166-170, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 484, PK: 79, Admin
Maire, J.C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of electrical stimulation and choline availability on the release and contents of acetylcholine and choline in superfused slices from rat striatum.
J. Physiol., 80:189-195, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 624, PK: 86, Admin
Millington, W.R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Choline administration elevates brain phosphorylcholine concentrations.
J. Neurochem., 38(6):1748-1752, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 530, PK: 82, Admin
Nitsch, R.M., Blusztajn, J.K., Doyle, F.M., Robitaille, Y., Wurtman, R.J., Growdon, J.H., and Kish, S.J.
Phospholipid metabolite levels are altered in cerebral cortex of patients with dominantly inherited olivopontocerebellar atrophy.
Neurosci. Lett., 161:191-194, 1993.
[not available] , PID: 868, PK: 113, Admin
Nitsch, R.M., Slack, B.E., Wurtman, R.J., Growdon, J.H.
Release of Alzheimer amyloid precursor derivatives stimulated by activation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.
Science, 258:304-307, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 850, PK: 39, Admin
Pooler, A.M., Guez, D.H., Benedictus, R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Uridine enhances neurite outgrowth in NGH-differentiated PC12 cells.
Neurosci., 134:206-214, 2005.
[PDF] , PID: 1009, PK: 135, Admin
Pooler, A.M., Xi, S.C., Wurtman, R.J.
The 3-hydrox-3-methyglutary co-enzyme A reductase inhibitor pravastatin enhances neurite outgrowth in hippocampal neurons.
J. Neurochem., 97:716-723, 2006.
[PDF] , PID: 998, PK: 59, Admin
Richardson, U.I., Watkins, C.J., Pierre, C., Ulus, I.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Stimulation of CDP-choline synthesis by uridine or cytidine in PC12 rat pheochromocytoma cells.
Brain Research, 971(2):161-167, 2003.
[not available] , PID: 992, PK: 130, Admin
Richardson, U.I., and Wurtman, R.J.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids stimulate phosphatidylcholine synthesis in PC12 cells.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1771(4):558-563, 2007.
[PDF] , PID: 1027, PK: 397, Admin
Sakamoto, T., Cansev, M., Wurtman, R.J.
Oral supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid and uridine 5'-monophosphate increases dendritic spine density in adult gerbil hippocampus.
Brain Research, 1182:50-59, 2007.
[PDF] , PID: 1029, PK: 145, Admin
Sandmann, J., Peralta, E.G., and Wurtman, R.J.
Coupling of transfected muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes to phospholipase D.
J. Biol. Chem., 266(10):6031-6034, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 826, PK: 105, Admin
Savci, V., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of cytidine on membrane phospholipid synthesis in rat striatal slices.
J. Neurochem., 64(1):378-384, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 884, PK: 116, Admin
Scheltens, P., Kamphuis, P.J.G.H., Verhey, F.R.J., olde Rikkert, M.G.M., Wurtman, R.J., Wilkinson, D., Twisk J.W.R., Kurz, A.
Efficacy of a medical food in mild Alzheimer's disease: a randomized controlled trial.
Alzheimer's and Dementia, 6:1-10, 2010.
[PDF] , PID: 1041, PK: 399, Admin
Slack, B.E., Breu, J., Livneh, E., Eldar, H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Phorbol ester stimulates choline uptake in Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts following introduction of the gene encoding protein kinase Ca.
Biochem. J., 305:621-626, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 867, PK: 115, Admin
Slack, B.E., Liscovitch, M., Blusztajn, and Wurtman, R.J.
Uptake of exogenous phosphatidylserine by human neuroblastoma cells stimulates the incorporation of [methyl-14C]Choline into Phosphatidylcholine.
J. Neurochem., 53(2):472-481, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 746, PK: 101, Admin
Slack, B.E., Nitsch, R.M., Livneh, E., Kunz, G.M., Breu, J., Eldar, H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Regulation by phorbol esters of amyloid precursor protein release from Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts overexpressing protein kinase Ca.
J. Biol. Chem., 268(28):21097-21101, 1993.
[PDF] , PID: 843, PK: 111, Admin
Spiers, P.A., Myers, D., Hochanadel, G.S., Lieberman, H.R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Citicoline improves verbal memory in aging.
Arch. Neurol., 53:441-448, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 879, PK: 119, Admin
Tacconi, M.T., and Wurtman, R.J.
Rat brain phosphatidyl-N,N-dimethylethanolamine is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.
J. Neurochem., 45(3):805-809, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 631, PK: 88, Admin
Tacconi, M.T., and Wurtman, R.J.
Phosphatidylcholine produced in rat synaptosomes by N-methylation is enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 82:4828-4831, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 633, PK: 89, Admin
Teather LA, Wurtman RJ.
Chronic administration of UMP ameliorates the impairment of hippocampal-dependent memory in impoverished rats.
J. Nutr., 136:2834-2837, 2006.
[PDF] , PID: 1017, PK: 146, Admin
Teather, L.A. and Wurtman, R.J.
Dietary cytidine (5')-diphosphocholine supplementation protects against development of memory deficits in aging rats.
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharm. & Biological Psychiatry, 27:711-717, 2003.
[PDF] , PID: 996, PK: 58, Admin
Teather, L.A. and Wurtman, R.J.
Dietary CDP-choline supplementation prevents memory impairment caused by impoverished environmental conditions in rats.
Learning and Memory, 12:39-43, 2005.
[PDF] , PID: 995, PK: 57, Admin
Teather, L.A., Lee, R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Platelet-activating factor increases prostaglandin E2 release from astrocyte-enriched cortical cell cultures.
Brain Res., 946(1):87-95, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 971, PK: 127, Admin
Teather, L.A., Magnusson, J.E., Chow, C.M., and Wurtman, R.J.
Environmental conditions influence hippocampal-dependent behaviors and brain levels of amyloid precursor protein.
Eur. J. Neurosci., 16:2405-2415, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 991, PK: 55, Admin
Teather, L.A., Magnusson, J.E., and Wurtman, R.J.
Platelet-activating factor antagonists decrease the inflammatory nociceptive response in rats.
Psychopharm., 163:430-433, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 990, PK: 128, Admin
Teather, L.A., Wurtman, R.J.
Platelet-activating factor affects nociception in rats at cerebral sites of action.
[PDF] , PID: 1008, PK: 141, Admin
Teather, L.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Cyclooxygenase-2 mediates platelet-activating factor-induced Prostaglandin E2 release from rat primary astrocytes.
Neuroscience Letters, 340:177-180, 2003.
[PDF] , PID: 1000, PK: 131, Admin
Ulus, I.H., Buyukuysal, R.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
N-methyl-d-aspartate increases acetylcholine release from rat striatum and cortex: Its effect is augmented by choline.
J. Pharm. Exp. Therap., 261(3):1122-1128, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 838, PK: 108, Admin
Ulus, I.H., Hirsch, M.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Trans-synaptic induction of adrenomedullary tyrosine hydroxylase activity by choline: Evidence that choline administration can increase cholinergic transmission.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 74(2):798-800, 1977.
[PDF] , PID: 330, PK: 72, Admin
Ulus, I.H., Watkins, C.J., Cansev, M., Wurtman, R.J.
Cytidine and uridine increase striatal CDP-choline levels without decreasing acetylcholine synthesis or release.
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, Vol 26, Nos. 4-6:563-577, 2006.
[PDF] , PID: 1014, PK: 140, Admin
Ulus, I.H., Wurtman, R.J., Mauron, C., and Blusztajn, J.K.
Choline increases acetylcholine release and protects against the stimulation-induced decrease in phosphatide levels within membranes of rat corpus striatum.
Brain Res., 484:217-227, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 709, PK: 100, Admin
Ulus, I.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Choline Administration: Activation of tyrosine hydroxylase in dopaminergic neurons of rat brain.
Science, 194:1060-1061, 1976.
[PDF] , PID: 320, PK: 70, Admin
Ulus, I.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Selective response of rat peripheral sympathetic nervous system to various stimuli.
J. Physiol., 293:513-523, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 407, PK: 74, Admin
Wang, L., Albrecht, M.A., Wurtman, R.J.
Dietary supplementation with uridine-5'-monophosphate (UMP), a membrane phosphatide precursor, increases acetylcholine level and release in striatum of aged rat.
Brain Research, 1133:42-48, 2007.
[PDF] , PID: 1013, PK: 143, Admin
Wang, L., Pooler, A.M., Albrecht, M.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Dietary uridine-5'-monophosphate supplementation increases potassium-evoked dopamine release and promotes neurite outgrowth in aged rats.
J. Molecular Neurosci, 27:137-145, 2005.
[PDF] , PID: 1010, PK: 136, Admin
Wurtman, R.
Synapse formation and cognitive brain development: effect of docosahexaenoic acid and other dietary constituents.
Metabolism, 57(2):S6-S10, 2008.
[PDF] , PID: 1030, PK: 65, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
The rate of synaptogenesis can be enhanced by co-administering three specific nutrients.
[PDF] , PID: 1062, PK: 1143, Admin
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Non-nutritional uses of nutrients.
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A nutrient combination that can affect synapse formation.
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[PDF] , PID: 1054, PK: 1132, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
How anticholinergic drugs might promote Alzheimer's dementia: more A-beta and less phosphatidycholine..
Wurtman, R.J. How anticholinergic drugs might promote Alzheimer's dementia: more A-beta and less phosphatidycholine.. , 46:983-987, 2015.
[PDF] , PID: 1059, PK: 1139, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 1032, PK: 66, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 1042, PK: 1095, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 1035, PK: 67, Admin
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Choline and its products acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine.
Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 8, Chpt. 3.2, pp._____, 2008.
[PDF] , PID: 1020, PK: 142, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Cansev, M., Ulus, I.H.
Synapse formation is enhanced by oral administration of uridine and DHA, the circulating precursors of brain phosphatides.
The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 13(3):, 2009.
[PDF] , PID: 1036, PK: 152, Admin
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Precursor control of neurotransmitter synthesis.
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[PDF] , PID: 466, PK: 78, Admin
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Effect of oral CDP-choline on plasma choline and uridine levels in humans.
Biochem. Pharm., 60:989-992, 2000.
[PDF] , PID: 972, PK: 126, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Ulus, I.H., Cansev, M., Watkins, C.J., Lei Wang, L., Marzloff, G.
Synaptic Proteins and Phospholipids are Increased in Gerbil Brain by Administering Uridine Plus Docosahexaenoic Acid Orally.
Brain Research, 1088(1):83-92, 2006.
[PDF] , PID: 1016, PK: 138, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 448, PK: 77, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 537, PK: 83, Admin
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[PDF] , PID: 517, PK: 81, Admin