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Selected publications on serotonin

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Amer, A., Breu, J., McDermott, J., Wurtman, R.J., Maher, T.J.
5-Hydroxytryptophan raises plasma 5-HTP levels in humans and rats and suppresses food intake by hypophagic and stressed rats.
J. Pharm., Biochem. Behav.,, 77:137-143, 2004.
[PDF] , PID: 989, PK: 396, Admin
Arjona, A.A., Pooler, A.M., Wurtman, R.J., and Lee, R.K.
Effect of 5-HT2C serotonin agonist, dexnorfenfluramine, on amyloid precursor protein metabolism in Guinea pigs.
Brain Research, 951:135-140, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 985, PK: 54, Admin
Brzezinski, A.A., Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Gleason, R., Greenfield, J., and Nader, T.
D-Fenfluramine suppresses the increased calorie and carbohydrate intakes and improves the mood of women with premenstrual depression.
Obstet. & Gynecol., 76(2):296-391, 1990.
[PDF] , PID: 795, PK: 193, Admin
Chiel, H.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Short-term variations in diet composition change the pattern of spontaneous motor activity in rats.
Science, 213:676-678, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 508, PK: 376, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Brain serotonin content: physiological dependence on plasma tryptophan levels.
Science, 173:149-152, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 163, PK: 369, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of chronic corn consumption on serotonin content of rat brain.
Nature New Biol., 234(45):62-64, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 171, PK: 370, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Brain serotonin content: Increase following ingestion of carbohydrate diet.
Science, 174:1023-1025, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 178, PK: 371, Admin
Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Brain serotonin content: Physiological regulation by plasma neutral amino acids.
Science, 178:414-416, 1972.
[PDF] , PID: 198, PK: 372, Admin
Laferrere, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of D-fenfluramine on serotonin release in brains of anaesthetized rats.
Brain Res., 504:258-263, 1989.
[not available] , PID: 771, PK: 383, Admin
Lieberman, H.R., Corkin, S., Spring, B.J., Growdon, J.H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Mood, performance, and pain sensitivity: Changes induced by food constituents.
J. Psychiat. Res., 17(2):135-145, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 567, PK: 377, Admin
O'Rourke, D., Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Chebli, R., and Gleason, R.
Treatment of seasonal depression with d-fenfluramine.
J. Clin. Psychiatry, 50(9):343-347, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 751, PK: 354, Admin
O'Rourke, D.A., Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Tsay, R., Gleason, R., Baer, L., and Jenike, M.A.
Aberrant Snacking Patterns and Eating Disorders in Patients With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
J. Clin. Psychiat., 55(10):445-447, 1994.
[PDF] , PID: 839, PK: 390, Admin
Sayegh, R., Schiff, I., Wurtman, J., Spiers, P., McDermott, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
The effect of a carbohydrate-rich beverage on mood, appetite, and cognitive function in women with premenstrual syndrome.
Obstet. Gynecol., 86(4):520-528, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 909, PK: 305, Admin
Schaechter, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tryptophan availability modulates serotonin release from rat hypothalamic slices.
J. Neurochem., 53(6):1925-1933, 1989.
[not available] , PID: 772, PK: 384, Admin
Schaechter, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of chronic D-fenfluramine administration on rat hypothalamic serotonin levels and release.
Life Sci., 44:265-271, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 777, PK: 385, Admin
Schaechter, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Serotonin release varies with brain tryptophan levels.
Brain. Res., 532:203-210, 1990.
[PDF] , PID: 790, PK: 387, Admin
Spedding, M., Ouvry, C., Millan, M., Duhault, J., Dacquet, C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Neural control of dieting.
Nature, 380:488, 1996.
[PDF] , PID: 930, PK: 208, Admin
Spring, B., Wurtman, J., Gleason, R., Kessler, K., and Wurtman, R.J.
Weight gain and withdrawal symptoms after smoking cessation: A preventive intervention using d-fenfluramine.
Health Psychol., 10(3):216-223, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 797, PK: 195, Admin
Spring, B., Wurtman, J., Wurtman, R., El-Khoury, A., Goldberg, McDermott, J., and Pingitore, R.
Efficacies of dexfenfluramine and fluoxetine in preventing weight gain after smoking cessation.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 62:1181-1187, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 912, PK: 205, Admin
Weiss, B.F., Wurtman, R.J., and Munro, H.N.
Disaggregation of brain polysomes by L-5-hydroxytryptophan: Mediation by serotonin.
Life Sci., 13:411-416, 1973.
[PDF] , PID: 235, PK: 373, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., Brzezinski, A., Wurtman, R.J., and Laferrere, B.
Effect of nutrient intake on premenstrual depression.
Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol., 161(5):1228-1234, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 780, PK: 191, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., McDermott, J.M., LEvendusky, P., Duca, K., and Wurtman, R.J.
The effect of a novel dietary intervention on weight loss in psychotropic drug-induced obesity.
Psychopharm. Bull., 36(3):55-59, 2002.
[PDF] , PID: 979, PK: 220, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., Wurtman, R.J., Mark, S., Tsay, R., Gilbert, W., Growdon, J.
D-fenfluramine selectively suppresses carbohydrate snacking by obese subjects.
Int. J. Eating Disorders, 4(1):89-99, 1985.
[PDF] , PID: 592, PK: 181, Admin
Wurtman, J.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Drugs that enhance central serotoninergic transmission diminish elective carbohydrate consumption by rats.
Life Sci., 24:895-904, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 417, PK: 297, Admin
Wurtman, R.J,, Wurtman, J.J.
Depression can beget obesity can beget depression.
J. of Clin Psychiatry, 76:12:e1619-e1621, 2015.
[PDF] , PID: 1061, PK: 1137, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Presynaptic control of release of amine neurotransmitters by precursor levels.
NIPS (Am. Physiol. Soc.), 3:158-163, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 766, PK: 30, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Non-nutritional uses of nutrients.
European Journal of Pharmacology, 668:S10-S15, 2011.
[PDF] , PID: 1048, PK: 1123, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Hefti, F., and Melamed, E.
Precursor control of neurotransmitter synthesis.
Pharmacological Reviews, 32(4):315-335, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 466, PK: 78, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Wurtman, J.J., Regan, M.M., McDermott, J.M., Tsay, R.H., and Breu, J.J.
Effects of normal meals rich in carbohydrates or proteins on the plasma tryptophan ratio.
Am. J. Clin. Nutrition, 77:128-132, 2003.
[PDF] , PID: 993, PK: 132, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Axelrod, J.
A sensitive and specific assay for the estimation of monoamine oxidase.
Biochem. Pharmacol., 12:1439-1440, 1963.
[PDF] , PID: 15, PK: 368, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Wurtman, J.J.
Carbohydrates and depression.
Sci. Am., 260(1):68-75, 1989.
[PDF] , PID: 649, PK: 192, Admin
Yokogoshi, H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Meal composition and plasma amino acid ratios: Effect of various proteins or carbohydrates, and of various protein concentrations.
Metabolism, 35(9):837-842, 1986.
[PDF] , PID: 670, PK: 25, Admin