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Selected publications on dopa/dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine

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Acworth, I.N., During, M.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine: Effects on catecholamine release.
Brain Res. Bull., 21:473-477, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 761, PK: 287, Admin
Agharanya, J.C., Alonso, R., and Wurtman, R.J.
Changes in catecholamine excretion after short-term tyrosine ingestion in normally fed human subjects.
Amer. J. Clin. Nutr., 34:82-87, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 445, PK: 267, Admin
Agharanya, J.C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of acute administration of neutral and other amino acids on urinary excretion of catecholamines.
Life Sci., 30:739-746, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 514, PK: 270, Admin
Agharanya, J.C., and Wurtman, R.J.
Studies on the mechanism by which tyrosine raises urinary catecholamines.
Biochem. Pharm., 31(22):3577-3580, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 522, PK: 271, Admin
Alonso, R., Gibson, C., Wurtman, R.J., Agharanya, J.C., and Prieto, L.
Elevation of urinary catecholamines and their metabolites following tyrosine administration in humans.
Biol. Psych., 17(7):781-790, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 523, PK: 272, Admin
Baliga, B.S., Pohorecky, L.A., Munro, H.N., and Wurtman, R.J.
Control of adrenal medullary protein synthesis by corticosteroids.
Biochem. Biophys. Acta, 299:337-343, 1973.
[PDF] , PID: 219, PK: 245, Admin
Berry, E.M., Growdon, J.H., Wurtman, J.J., Caballero, B., and Wurtman, R.J.
A balanced carbohydrate: Protein diet in the management of Parkinson's disease.
Neurology, 41:1295-1297, 1991.
[PDF] , PID: 816, PK: 197, Admin
Chalmers, J.P., Baldessarini, J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of L-dopa on norepinephrine metabolism in the brain.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 68(3):662-666, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 156, PK: 237, Admin
Chiel, H., Yehuda, S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Development of tolerance in rats to the hypothermic effects of d-amphetamine and apomorphine.
Life Sci., 14:483-488, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 245, PK: 252, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Maher, T.J., Moses, P.L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine's vasoactive effect in the dog shock model depends on the animal's starting blood pressure.
J. Neural Trans., 58:69-74, 1983.
[not available] , PID: 586, PK: 276, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Maher, T.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine increases blood pressure in hypotensive rats.
Science, 212:559-560, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 510, PK: 269, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Maher, T.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine's pressor effect in hypotensive rats is not mediated by tyramine.
Life Sci., 35(11):1207-1212, 1984.
[not available] , PID: 617, PK: 280, Admin
Conlay, L.A., Maher, T.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine accelerates catecholamine synthesis in hemorrhaged hypotensive rats.
Brain Res., 333:81-84, 1985.
[not available] , PID: 585, PK: 281, Admin
Dollins, A.B., Krock, L.P., Storm, W.F., Wurtman, R.J., and Lieberman, H.R.
L-tyrosine ameliorates some effects of lower body negative pressure stress.
Physiol. Behav., 57(2):223-230, 1995.
[PDF] , PID: 863, PK: 292, Admin
During, M.J., Acworth, I.N., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of systemic L-tyrosine on dopamine release from rat corpus striatum and nucleus accumbens.
Brain Res., 452:378-380, 1988.
[not available] , PID: 752, PK: 284, Admin
During, M.J., Acworth, I.N., and Wurtman, R.J.
Phenylalanine administration influences dopamine release in the rat's corpus striatum.
Neurosci. Lett., 93:91-95, 1988.
[not available] , PID: 754, PK: 285, Admin
Gibson, C.J., Watkins, C.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
The effects of tyrosine and other nutrients on neurotransmitter synthesis in the brain and retina.
Retina, 2(4):332-340, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 541, PK: 274, Admin
Gibson, C.J., Watkins, C.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine administration enhances dopamine synthesis and release in light-activated rat retina.
J. Neural Trans., 56:153-160, 1983.
[PDF] , PID: 557, PK: 275, Admin
Gibson, C.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Physiological control of brain catechol synthesis by brain tyrosine concentration.
Biochem. Pharm., 26:1137-1142, 1977.
[PDF] , PID: 285, PK: 257, Admin
Godley, B.F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Release of endogenous dopamine from the superfused rabbit retina in vitro: Effect of light stimulation.
Brain Res., 452:393-395, 1988.
[not available] , PID: 759, PK: 286, Admin
Hefti, F., Melamed, E., and Wurtman, R.J.
Partial lesions of the dopaminergic nigrostriatal system in rat brain: Biochemical characterization.
Brain Res., 195:123-137, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 453, PK: 264, Admin
Hefti, F., Melamed, E., and Wurtman, R.J.
The site of dopamine formation in rat striatum after L-Dopa administration.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 217(1):189-197, 1981.
[PDF] , PID: 489, PK: 268, Admin
Hoeldtke, R., Baliga, B.S., Issenberg, P., and Wurtman, R.J.
Dihydroxyphenylalanine in rat food containing wheat and oats.
Science, 175:761-762, 1972.
[PDF] , PID: 176, PK: 240, Admin
Hoeldtke, R., Rogawski, M., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of selective destruction of central and peripheral catecholamine-containing neurons with 6-hydroxydopamine on catecholamine excretion in the rat.
Br. J. Pharmac., 50:265-270, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 228, PK: 250, Admin
Hoeldtke, R.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Synthesis of DOPA in rat stomach following ingestion of cereals.
Metabolism, 23(1):25-31, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 194, PK: 247, Admin
Hoeldtke, R.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Cereal Ingestion and catecholamine excretion.
Metabolism, 23(1):33-41, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 217, PK: 249, Admin
Kaakkola, S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of COMT inhibitors on striatal dopamine metabolism: A microdialysis study.
Brain Res., 597:241-249, 1992.
[PDF] , PID: 842, PK: 200, Admin
Kaakkola, S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors and L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine with or without carbidopa on extracellular dopamine in rat striatum.
J. Neurochem., 60(1):137-144, 1993.
[not available] , PID: 847, PK: 291, Admin
Lehnert, H., Reinstein, D.K., Strowbridge, B.W., and Wurtman, R.J.
Neurochemical and behavioral consequences of acute, uncontrollable stress: Effects of dietary tyrosine.
Brain Res., 303:215-223, 1984.
[not available] , PID: 601, PK: 279, Admin
Melamed, E., Hefti, F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine administration increases striatal dopamine release in rats with partial nigrostriatal lesions.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 77(7):4305-4309, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 464, PK: 265, Admin
Milner, J.D., Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine availability determines stimulus-evoked dopamine release from rat striatal slices.
Neurosci. Letters, 59:215-220, 1985.
[not available] , PID: 632, PK: 282, Admin
Milner, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Release of endogenous dopamine from electrically stimulated slices of rat striatum.
Brain Res., 301:139-142, 1984.
[not available] , PID: 594, PK: 278, Admin
Moskowitz, M.A., Weiss, B.F., Lytle, L.D., Munro, H.N., and Wurtman, R.J.
D-Amphetamine disaggregates brain polysomes via a dopaminergic mechanism.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 72(3):834-836, 1975.
[PDF] , PID: 276, PK: 255, Admin
Munro, H.N., Roel, L., and Wurtman, R.J.
Inhibition of brain protein synthesis by doses of L-dopa that disaggregate brain polyribosomes.
J. Neur. Trans., 34:321-323, 1973.
[PDF] , PID: 242, PK: 246, Admin
Oishi, T., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effect of tyrosine on brain catecholamine turnover in reserpine-treated rats.
J. Neural Trans., 53:101-108, 1982.
[PDF] , PID: 525, PK: 273, Admin
Ordonez, L.A., Arbrus, M., Boyson, S., Goodman, M.N., Ruderman, N.B., and Wurtman, R.J.
Skeletal muscle: Reservoir for exogenous L-dopa.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 190(1):187-191, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 216, PK: 248, Admin
Ordonez, L.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Methylation of exogenous 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa)-effects on methyl group metabolism.
Biochem. Pharmacol., 191:134-137, 1973.
[PDF] , PID: 191, PK: 244, Admin
Ordonez, L.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Folic acid deficiency and methyl group metabolism in rat brain: Effects of L-dopa.
Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 160:372-376, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 239, PK: 251, Admin
Pettibone, D.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
D-amphetamine reduces striatal substance P concentrations by presynaptic release of dopamine.
Brain Res., 186:409-419, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 432, PK: 263, Admin
Pohorecky, L.A., Piezzi, R.S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Steroid induction of phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase in adrenomedullary explants: Independence of adrenal innvervation.
Endocrin., 86(6):1466-1468, 1970.
[PDF] , PID: 140, PK: 233, Admin
Pohorecky, L.A., Zigmond, M., Karten, H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Enzymatic conversion of norepinephrine to epinephrine by the brain.
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 165(2):190-195, 1969.
[PDF] , PID: 99, PK: 232, Admin
Pohorecky, L.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Adrenocortical control of epinephrine synthesis.
Pharmacol. Rev., 23(1):1-35, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 151, PK: 236, Admin
Reinstein, D.K., Lehnert, H., Scott, N.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine prevents behavioral and neurochemical correlates of an acute stress in rats.
Life Sci., 34:2225-2232, 1984.
[not available] , PID: 593, PK: 277, Admin
Reinstein, D.K., Lehnert, H., and Wurtman, R.J.
Dietary tyrosine suppresses the rise in plasma corticosterone following acute stress in rats.
Life Sci., 37:2157-2163, 1985.
[not available] , PID: 648, PK: 283, Admin
Roel, L.E., Schwartz, S.A., Weiss, B.F., Munro, H.N., and Wurtman, R.J.
In vivo inhibition of rat brain protein synthesis by L-dopa.
J. Neurochem., 23:233-239, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 246, PK: 253, Admin
Scriabine, A., Ludden, C.T., Stone, C.A., Wurtman, R.J., and Watkins, C.J.
Enhancement of the anti-hypertensive effect of methyldopa and other anti-hypertensive drugs by carbidopa in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Clin. Sci. and Molec. Med., 51:407s-410s, 1976.
[PDF] , PID: 315, PK: 256, Admin
Shoemaker, W.J., and Wurtman, R.J.
Perinatal undernutrition: Accumulation of catecholamines in rat brain.
Science, 171:1017-1019, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 158, PK: 238, Admin
Sved, A.F., Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine administration reduces blood pressure and enhances brain norepinephrine release in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 76(7):3511-3514, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 426, PK: 260, Admin
Sved, A.F., Fernstrom, J.D., and Wurtman, R.J.
Tyrosine administration decreases serum prolactin levels in chronically reserpinized rats.
Life Sci., 25(15):1293-1299, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 439, PK: 262, Admin
Watkins, C.J., Wiggins, J.F., and Wurtman, R.J.
Carbidopa elevates hypothalamic dopa and serum prolactin in rats.
Life Sci., 24:1675-1682, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 424, PK: 259, Admin
Weiss, B.F., Munro, H.M., and Wurtman, R.J.
L-dopa: Disaggregation of brain polysomes and elevation of brain tryptophan.
Science, 173:833-835, 1971.
[PDF] , PID: 165, PK: 239, Admin
Weiss, B.F., Munro, H.N., Ordonez, L.A., and Wurtman, R.J.
Dopamine: Mediator of brain polysome disaggregation after L-Dopa.
Science, 177:613-616, 1972.
[PDF] , PID: 186, PK: 241, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Medical Progress: Catecholamines.
New Eng. J. Med., 273:637-646; 693-700, 746-753, 1965.
[PDF] , PID: 41, PK: 224, Admin
Wurtman, R.J.
Control of epinephrine synthesis in the adrenal medulla by the adrenal cortex: Hormonal specificity and dose-response characteristics.
Endocrin., 79:608-614, 1966.
[PDF] , PID: 53, PK: 227, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Axelrod, A., and Tramezzani, J.
Distribution of the adrenaline-forming enzyme in the adrenal gland of a snake, Xenodon merremii.
Nature, 215(5103):879-880, 1967.
[PDF] , PID: 68, PK: 229, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Axelrod, J., Vesell, E.S., and Ross, G.T.
Species differences in inducibility of phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase.
Endocrin., 82(3):584-590, 1968.
[PDF] , PID: 75, PK: 230, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Caballero, B., and Salzman, E.
Facilitation of levodopa-induced dyskinesias by dietary carbohydrates.
New Eng. J. Med., 319:1288-1289, 1988.
[PDF] , PID: 776, PK: 190, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Cansev, M., Ulus, I.H.
Synapse formation is enhanced by oral administration of uridine and DHA, the circulating precursors of brain phosphatides.
The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 13(3):, 2009.
[PDF] , PID: 1036, PK: 152, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Casper, A., Pohorecky, L.A., and Bartter, F.C.
Impaired secretion of epinephrine in response to insulin among hypophysectomized dogs.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 61:522-528, 1968.
[PDF] , PID: 98, PK: 231, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Chou, C., and Rose, C.
The fate of C14-dihydroxyphenylalanine (C14-Dopa) in the whole mouse.
J. Pharm. Exp. Therp., 174(3):351-356, 1970.
[PDF] , PID: 147, PK: 234, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Hefti, F., and Melamed, E.
Precursor control of neurotransmitter synthesis.
Pharmacological Reviews, 32(4):315-335, 1980.
[PDF] , PID: 466, PK: 78, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Kopin, I.J., Axelrod, J.
Thyroid function and the cardiac disposition of catecholamines.
Endocrin., 73:63-74, 1963.
[not available] , PID: 11, PK: 222, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Kopin, I.J., Horst, D., and Fischer, J.E.
Epinephrine and organ blood flow: Effects of hyperthyroidism, cocaine, and denervation.
Amer. J. Physiol., 207(6):1247-1250, 1964.
[PDF] , PID: 30, PK: 223, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Larin, F., Mostafapour, S., and Fernstrom, J.D.
Brain catechol synthesis: Control by brain tyrosine concentration.
Science, 185:183-184, 1974.
[PDF] , PID: 254, PK: 254, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Noble, E.P., and Axelrod, R.J.
Inhibition of enzymatic synthesis of epinephrine by low doses of glucocorticoids.
Endocrin., 80:825-828, 1967.
[PDF] , PID: 63, PK: 228, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Pohorecky, L.A., and Baliga, B.S.
Adrenocortical control of the biosynthesis of epinephrine and proteins in the adrenal medulla.
Pharmacol. Rev., 24(2):411-426, 1972.
[PDF] , PID: 187, PK: 242, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., Rose, C.M., Matthysse, S., Stephenson, J., and Baldessarini, R.
L-Dihydroxyphenylalanine: Effect on S-adenosylmethionine in brain.
Science, 169:395-397, 1970.
[PDF] , PID: 149, PK: 235, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Axelrod, J.
Adrenaline synthesis: Control by the pituitary gland and adrenal glucocorticoids.
Science, 150(3702):1464-1465, 1965.
[PDF] , PID: 42, PK: 225, Admin
Wurtman, R.J., and Axelrod, J.
Control of Enzymatic synthesis of adrenaline in the adrenal medulla by adrenal cortical steroids.
J. Biol. Chem., 241(10):2301-2305, 1966.
[PDF] , PID: 48, PK: 226, Admin
Yehuda, S., and Wurtman, R.J.
Release of brain dopamine as the probable mechanism for the hypothermic effect of D-amphetamine.
Nature, 240(5382):477-478, 1972.
[PDF] , PID: 208, PK: 243, Admin
Zavisca, F.G., Breau, A.P., and Wurtman, R.J.
Mechanism of action of methyldopa in the rat.
Circ. Res., 45(5):684-690, 1979.
[PDF] , PID: 428, PK: 261, Admin
Zavisca, F.G., and Wurtman, R.J.
Effects of neutral amino acids on the antihypertensive action of methyldopa in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
J. Pharm. Pharmacol., 30:60-62, 1978.
[PDF] , PID: 355, PK: 258, Admin